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In PARQUIAMÉRICA have the ideal for you to make your company grow in the heart of the Industry of Cartagena, in Mamonal , we have space : Warehouses , Commercial Logistics Storage , Industrial Lots Commercial Lots and a Business Center . See our offer to purchase and lease according to needs require, we have the perfect space, contact us.


Ample storage spaces intended for the logistics supply and production chain, with office areas included within their design to facilitate control and administration. Additionally, the modular design of our warehouses allows joining two or more warehouses depending on customer need, allowing for widely productive spaces for logistic areas.

Starting from 1000 sq mt with the possibility of expansion up to 5000 sq mt.


Select the area that your company requires

Leases and Sales Offices and Modular Premises from 50 sq mt.


we have outdoor storage yards, equipped with security and services for operations requiring wide spaces for operation and storage.

  • Land suited to resist 4 tons per square meter and unlimited height.
  • Access from the industrial park's main road.
  • Fenced perimeter in chain link mesh.
  • Connection to utilities (water, sewer, power, voice and data)
  • Management of slopes, levels and storm gutters ensuring that the yard will not flood and will remain operational.


Developed land from 2,000 sq mt where new and existing businesses may be established in order to develop the necessary infrastructure of their productive and commercial centers, to supply, in high quality standards, the different needs and requirements of the local and international markets.

Developed land from 2.000 sq mt.


Built in a modern 3 story building, and 5.500 square meters, with the most comprehensive infrastructure for a wide range of:

  • Shop premises
  • Food premises
  • Offices
  • Rooms for conferences or training
  • Banking services zones

Mamonal Industrial Zone Kilometer 6,
Industrial Park - Parquiamérica
Cartagena - Colombia

Sale and Lease of Lots, Warehouses, Offices,
Commercial spaces and Yards

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Hours of operation.
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